Tuesday, February 5, 2013

DIY: Gold Polka Dot Jewelry Dishes.

This weekend, I was inspired to do a simple diy project. It didn't take very long and the result is something sweet and useful for storing everyday jewelry in my bedroom.

Here is what you need to make one of your own:

  • A variety of white dishes (I got mine at the Dollarama)
  • Gold Sharpie Marker *note: the Sharpie oil based paint marker would work better but I couldn't find any in stores.
  • page reinforcements ($1.99 for a pack of 100 at Staples)

On the plate, I wanted uniform dots so I just eyeballed neat rows of the reinforcements. Gently press down on the center so that you don't get any bleeds. On the little dishes, I was a little more careless with the placement, as I wanted a more whimsical look.

Next, color in the circles with your gold Sharpie. Simple enough!

After the marker has dried, carefully remove the stickers from the dishes. I used a fine needles to lift them them, then peeled them away. I had a couple of small bleeds but was able to scratch them off with the end of the needle.

Easy peasy!

I definitely like the little ones best. They are so cute! I keep my rings in them but you could keep spare change, hair elastics/bobby pins, keys, chargers, office supplies.. I could go on and on! 

Think you might try some? Let me know how it goes!

Thank you SO much for your comments and enthusiasm about my new two tone kitchen update. I liked it before but I love it even more now that I have the approval of my readers. It really does matter to me. Each and every comment makes me smile!


  1. I just picked up a few oil based sharpies, so I'm definately going to try this out! Already pinned it so I remember! :) Need to find those little bowls-So cute.

  2. These are adorable! I am going to have to try this!

  3. I was just at Dollerama and saw those little white bowls and thought - oh someone is going to snap those up for a project! ;). Very cute!

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  6. These is so darling!!! I'm always a fan of polka dots on pretty much...um *ANYTHING*...so metallic polka dots is a total score in my book! I think my husband is going to get super sick of all the polka dots that I'm going to put on everything...

  7. These are so cute! Big snow storm coming, so I may have to try it then! Thanks!

  8. Such a sweet project! I like the shape of the little bowls. The random dot placement looks great with the organic shape.

  9. Great idea! I love the little bowls - I need to check out my Dollarama!

  10. What beautiful ceramic holders! I like how you placed the polka dots so intricately. It makes the ceramic holder more special! Won't the gold markers fade easily?

  11. Cute idea to use the hole reinforcers as a stencil. I need to think of something that needs polka-dots so I can try it.

  12. Accessible materials with a really lovely result = DIY perfection!

  13. Great idea! What an inexpensive way to add some style to a dressing table!

  14. These are so cute!! Love them! Just curious, are the small bowls ceramic or porcelain? <3


Love hearing from you! Thanks so much :)