Monday, September 24, 2012

A Front Door Story.

Time to complete new projects at this time of year is certainly scarce. Even more so when I am teaching a new grade (I won't complain though because I am loving it!) and have lots of planning to do. I've also run into a few roadblocks which definitely slows things down! Today I'm going to tell you a little story about my front door.

A few weeks ago, I tweeted this photo.

My beloved green door had to go. I loved it, my readers loved it. But I was tired of it. I wanted something different. Especially since I'd been freshening up the porch (more to come on that another day). 

I had an idea what color I wanted but hesitated to buy yet another can of paint to put on the shelf with dozens of other half full cans. I went through those said cans and discovered that the paint I used for my peacock colored cabinet was interior/exterior. I loved it on the cabinet so why not on the door? So off I went with my paint brush...

I won't go so far to say that I hated it.. but I didn't like it at all. The problem was the lack of contrast between the door and the trim. It felt to dark and imposing. I left it for a while thinking it would grow on me and while I disliked it slightly less, I still wasn't sold on it.

I then decided to go with my original plan. A couple of years ago, I saved this photo of Caitlin Creer's adorable home. I loved the dark grey siding paired with the blue grey door. 

While my home is white, the trim is grey and I thought it could work. She listed the color as Benjamin Moore Cloudy Sky. Off I went to the paint store thinking this time, I've got it right!


Hmmm... not so much.

It really didn't turn out like I expected. It's less blue grey and more... garage floor grey? I was frustrated. Aren't I supposed to be good at this stuff? But truly, at this point I really didn't want to repaint it. So I decided that I would leave it for the winter and revisit in the Spring.

I needed a temporary solution. Dress it up with some Fall mums and pumpkins! I was feeling a little bit better about it after a trip to the garden center. Did I ever mention that I love Fall?

Ahhh.. much better! I can look beyond the door for a little while. Soon enough it will be covered in snow!

Except, then I noticed this. 

Seriously? You're killing me here! And there are more than one. Honestly, I just hope it doesn't get worse. 

Feel sorry for me yet? The joys of DIY:)

Have a great week everyone!


  1. I think the color is pretty but I can see how you may want something more intense. Great mums!

  2. ahh bummer about that bubble but it is a quick fix! i love the color you selected, great DIY project. a brightly colored front door is definitely what i will do when my husband and i purchase our own home. right now we live in a HOA so they select our house colors for sure

  3. I think the gray looks lovely! And I love all your pumpkins and mums, so pretty :)

  4. ugh...bubbles!! Such a you have the weather to contend with! I like how you have freshened up the porch though! Ihave to get some mums for my porch

  5. LOVE the fall decorations... those yellow mums make me think that a cheerful yellow front door might just do the trick :)

  6. It's a bit hard to recall without a whole pic of the porch however I think the last time I saw it, I thought that a black door would look best.It would contrast nicely with the white and would make the fall pumpkins pop.

  7. Your porch is so pretty dressed for Fall!

  8. I love black doors but its not enough contrast with this house! Yellow could be pretty!

  9. I have a grey house/white trim with red doors. Noticed an amazing g/w house with a beautiful orange door and I'm considering making this change. It's not quite pumpkin, not quite coral. Annual flowers coordinated and made it just perfect.

  10. So what is next? Re-paint?? I love the contrast of Caitlins door/trim too- maybe it is more of a jade than a grey??


  11. Fall has to be my favourite time of the year. Around here people decorate the ends of the driveways, however I much like the job you did on the door decorations. Yes, a visit to the garden centre for me too.

    So now what? Repaint before next year?

    I love your door shot with the pumpkins. Hum, it will start to peel soon, maybe a nice fall colour.
    Passing through and found you, hope to see you visit

  12. Oh, the joys... can't wait to get my Fall things out!

  13. Love the new front door color! But what a bummer with the bubble :(

  14. I'm swearing on your behalf, in my mind. :-) Ugh. I'm sorry! Your porch still looks fabulous.
    xo, Abby

  15. Your fall decor is beautiful --and inspiration. The photo of the yellow mums with the kale -- I'm thinking you should paint the door that yellow colour or the purple in the kale. Both would look good with the grey. Just a thought. :) Love your style!

  16. Good move the on flowers and pumpkin! It definitely spruced up your grey door! But I have to admit that the color gray looks a little dull and bland. I think it’s much better that you use a livelier color for your front door. Bold colors will make it stand out and will give the outside look a focal point. Wouldn’t you agree?

    -Keven Sumrell

  17. Love your front porch!...So, wish I had one, great choice on the door sure and share pics when the snow arrives!!

  18. Oh man! I hate picking paint colors. Like a lot. Planning to do my new front door at some point. It will probably take a few tries.

  19. The gray-blue colour looks great with the yellows and oranges of fall and will look pretty with greens, reds, and whites of winter/Christmas too. Bummer about the blister though. I do feel sorry for you if you have to scrape it all off and start again.

  20. The flowers give color and life to your front porch. You could shave that little paint bubble and do some small touch ups. No biggie. It’s not a terrible job. You did good. ;)

    Keven Sumrell

  21. Have you picked the color you want to paint your front door with? I agree with you, the blue paint did not look good on the door. Furthermore, the dark shade would have absorbed heat and caused the door to warp fast. On the other hand, Cloudy Sky does not look that bad at all. It looks brighter and cleaner than the first paint it had.

    @Marla Hinds

  22. Good move on dressing up your front door! I think the bold colors of flowers and the pumpkin made the porch lively. And yes, the door is looking a little dull. I would suggest that you go for a bolder color. It would make your front door a stand-out, but if you don’t want to go that far, you can use a paint that is a shade darker from this one.

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