Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pins of the Week.

I'm back again with my pins of the week! I continue to be inspired by all the incredible images I find and share there.
Here are my faves of late!

I don't think you can deny that this LMAFO's party rocker anthem is one catchy tune. Check out this version. One talented couple. At least I think they are a couple. If not, they should be:)

Source: via Jane on Pinterest

This gorgeous wallpaper from a beautiful colorful home featured in House Beautiful.

Source: via Jane on Pinterest
Source: via Jane on Pinterest
Source: via Jane on Pinterest

This pretty much an instruction manual for our little Beaufort! The greeting stretch is my favorite.
Source: via Jane on Pinterest

Speaking of pups. I loved the dog roundup on Apartment Therapy in honor of Dog week. A house tour is more likely to get a thumbs up from me if there this a crazy sweet little face in the mix! 
Check it out here.

Love this beautifully written letter to a neglected flower. It's so true.

What do you think of clawfoot tubs with metal curtain rods? 
Would they just be a pain or are they kinda cool? I can't decide.
I mean where do you put your shampoo?

Isn't this sideboard beautiful? 

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Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone! I'll be back tomorrow with my Fall mantel!


  1. LOVE that wallpaper!

    I'm also smitten with the artwork above the sideboard from the Canadian House & Home article. I have that issue, but the artist is not listed. Sigh. Such a beautiful painting.

  2. The singing duo is Karmin! I love them! And yes, they are a couple, actually engaged.

  3. Great finds Jane! Clawfoot tubs look amazing, but they are not as practical for storing stuff, that's for sure. AS for carnations, I had a big hate on them for a long time, but I do like them in mass quantities!

  4. The clawfoot tub is beautiful, but definitely not functional. Not sure I could actually live with one!

  5. Thanks for pinning the images from one of my post! :) Love the 'doggie language' instruction manual by the way. The illustrations are adorable!

    Have a great week!


  6. i can answer the clawfoot/shower curtain question - I had one in an old apt. You have to get one of those tub spanned shower caddies. It worked great! I still use it to this day and keeps all the bottles off the tub!! try it!


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