Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pins of the Week.

This post is mostly a nudge to my reader and friends who have not yet joined Pinterest. You really must.
As a blogger it has changed my life! Okay, maybe that's a bit dramatic but it really has made things easier. Whether you are a blogger or just passionate about design, decorating, crafting, organizing, cooking, fashion, you name it, Pinterest is for you! Just a a warning though.. you could get lost for hours. Just sayin'.

Here are some of my favorite pins of the week.

So tying the perfect scarf isn't rocket science? Who knew? Maybe I was the only one in the dark:)

I really really want a bookshelf that I can style just like this one. And then change it around a dozen times!

I really love anything Kate Spade. Which means I have to love the ampersand. Did you know I once tried to draw my own and paint it? Don't bother asking me how it turned out:)

Such a simple way to store your earrings!

Every tried a project that involved chevron? These printable templates would have really come in handy!

In case your wondering.. Steph put coat number two on the floors last night! My brother was over doing some work for him and he told him he wouldn't forgive him if he didn't do a third coat. So it looks like reveal photos will have to wait till tomorrow. It's awesome though.. it really is!

So go now.... Join Pinterest! You won't regret it!


  1. hmmm maybe i should join pininterest?

  2. I love pinterest! There are so many beautiful things to look at and admire.

  3. I was on pinterest last night when I should have been sleeping! I also LOVE chevron and am thinking of painting my kitchen backsplash in chevron!

  4. Oooo great finds...Hi my name is Amanda and I am a pintrest addict too!

  5. Love that scarf-tying photo. I need to get outside the box with my scarves. ;)

  6. Love that yellow scarf and the bookshelves!

    Thanks for entering my giveaway. Good luck!


  7. I've always wondered how to get the perfect scarf look. And... I've got some shelves that are in need of a new look-- this is perfect. Thanks for posting!

  8. Don't worry, I already absolutely LOVE pinterest! I have gotten a few of my friends addicted as well, and I also warn them that they may browse on it for hours at a time! Such a clever site!

  9. Pinterest is responsible for many lost hours in my life but I love it. You must have read my mind because I have been trying to think of a good solution for earrings and this is brilliant.

  10. i agree it makes things easier - finding great images for inspiration is way more successful with pinterest! love everyone's different taste too. great post!

  11. I am so addicted to pinterest. It makes keeping track of images and their sources so much easier.

    I find so many inspirations that I never would have thought of looking for too, which I love.


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