Saturday, January 15, 2011

Me, Stylish?

Fellow Canadian blogger, Designwali, nominated me for a Stylish Blogger Award. I certainly don't feel very stylish, but hey I'll take it!
As part of receiving the award, you must share 7 random facts about yourself and nominate other bloggers, so here goes:

1. I am the youngest of 5 children. We are 3 girls and 2 boys.
2. My bathroom could potentially win a contest for Ugliest Bathroom. Hands down most hideous. Easily. I'm sorry, I can't bear posting a picture.
3. I'd rather spend money on my home than on clothes or accessories. (Hence the reason I don't feel very "stylish").
4. Aside from teaching grade 2 French Immersion, I work one night a week as a waitress at my good friend Emily's restaurant fiveelevenwest.

5. My dog Beaufort hates other dogs. Why? We're not sure, since it is not characteristic of Boston Terriers. I would love nothing more than to see him lying peacefully in the sun with another dog. He's really missing out on friendships. :(
6. If I could do it all over again, I'd paint the whole interior of my whole house white.
7. I'm dying for a Nikon D60. Just trying to figure out how I can afford it!

I'm nominating some of my favorite Canadian bloggers.
Be sure to visit their blogs to see why I think so!


  1. Now that we have a house, I totally understand #3!! I literally have not bought anything for myself since buying our place and haven't even been looking! (very unlike me, ha!) And PS...your house reflects your style, so you are stylish, indeed :)

  2. I can relate to #3 as well. Hey at least you're a stylish blogger;)

  3. You ooze style! xo Congrats, you deserve it!

  4. Be brave!!! Show the pictures of the bathroom. Your readers will be able to say "Well at least MY bathroom isn't as ugly as Jane's!"



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