Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Halloween is nearly here!

I'll admit that is forced enthusiasm. I'm not really a big Halloween fan. I just can't get into all the hype. I do love giving out candy and seeing the kids are dressed up at school (pre excessive sugar intake). But finding a costume and getting dressed up kind of stresses me out!
Needless to say, I don't do a whole lot of decorating. I save myself and go all out at Christmas:)

However, here is a collection of simple Halloween decorations I could really get on board with.

This is just plain cute. Love the idea of using the fireplace and the painted pumpkins are adorable.

I just can't resist a white pumpkin.

Tres scary.. :)

More white pumpkins. Plus, candy corn is an inexpensive and fun decoration!

images via yhl

Scary silhouettes..

Shiny and shimmery pumpkins.. what's not to like?

images and projects via martha stewart
 And last but not least, pom pom balls! They are super easy to make for any occasion. I've seen them in pinks, yellows and blues for baby showers and weddings, but I love the idea of black and grey for Halloween! You can find instructions for how to make them here.

Enjoy your decorating! It will be here before we know it!


  1. I'm with you, I do a little because the kids love it...there are some great ideas out there though that look like they would be fun to do, like the painted pumpkins for one. Janell

  2. white pumpkins are making halloween chic and modern! LOL


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