Wednesday, October 20, 2010

EAT Sign - Cougar town

Anyone out there watch Cougar town? I caught a few episodes last season. I think the title is a bit misleading which is unfortunate. It's actually really funny and has a lot of heart. The best part about the show is the set design. Jules' (Courtney Cox) home is amazing! Especially, her kitchen! Wowza.
My friend Raelene is a fan of the show and loved the EAT sign that hangs in the kitchen.

best photo I could find!
She decided to be resourceful and make her own. I stopped by her place the other day and thought it was adorable and had to share!

She bought the letters, glued on some patterned scrapbook paper, then sealed them with Modge Podge.

Thanks for sharing Rae! You're so crafty:)


  1. Rae - you are so crafty! That is a great idea. DIY, baby :)

  2. Those letter in the show are from Anthropolgie, not that we could ever buy them here in Canada!! lol
    You can also get that dimension look by buying paper mache letters and covering them with paper.
    Love how your friend got crafty and made her own.

  3. Impressive! Great idea!!

  4. Awww, thanks! I feel a little bit famous, not going to lie. But I started thinking about it and first I completely stole the idea from that show. Second, I'm pretty sure my friend Kristine is the one who told me to make my own, now that I think of it...BUT I did listen to her AND I picked out the paper, that has to count for something! Anyway, I really was honored to be on your amazing blog! Thanks Jane!

  5. Do you do anything to the sides of the letters? and did you use cardboard or wooden letters?


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