Wednesday, April 15, 2015

DIY: Cedar Shingle Photo Backdrop.

It's starting to feel like spring outside and that means wedding season is upon us! Today I'm sharing a relatively simple photo backdrop project for the diy bride. There are a few power tools involved and it's a little bit time consuming but the result is so worth it. One of my favorite project that I've tackle in a while.

One wedding trend that I love, is having a backdrop where your guests can stand and have their photos taken on your wedding day. I also love when the bride and groom display photos of the couple through their dating years, from their childhood and of the special people in their lives. This project blends those two ideas into one!

Here is the back story. This winter, I was asked by Discover Charlottetown to design and style a booth for them at the Halifax Bridal Show. The booth was to showcase Charlottetown and Prince Edward Island as a wedding destination and to feature three Charlottetown properties: Delta Hotels, Holman Grand Hotel, and the Confederation Centre of the Arts. Not a small feat in a small booth space but somehow it all came together.

I decided to pair my two favorite wedding trends to create a sort of "virtual Pinterest board". We contacted several PEI wedding photographers and asked to use some of their photos from those properties and of beautiful Charlottetown. Next was the fun part. How to display all these beautiful photos?

We picked up some sheets of plywood, a couple of 2x4s, some primed MDF trim, a few bundles of cedar shingles and got to work.

Knowing the 8x8 backdrop would both need to be stored and transported, we used two 4x8 pieces of plywood that simple get screwed together on site. A piece of trim would hide seam down the center.

Next, the simple square edge white trim was cut to fit all around the plywood and down the center. Once we knew that all the pieces fit properly, we marked the back of each ones so that we knew where they went later when we put it back together, and screwed them into place.

The shingles were a little bit time consuming but I love doing stuff like that. Steph and I worked side by side, gluing and stapling each one in place, row by row. It's important to measure the spacing as you go so that both sides match.

Then we stood back and admired our finished product before we had to take it all apart for transport. I was thrilled with how it turned out. 

The two pieces back to back, without the trim.

Our space at the bridal show was three of these booths. That floor was a bit of a surprise! I'll admit, I panicked a little when I saw the pattern and color.. how do you work with that?

As the furniture for the booth came in, Steph set up the shingled backdrop and hammered roofing nails, one on the left and right end of each row. Honestly, thank goodness for him. He's a gem when it comes to helping me out on these crazy projects and never complains about it.

I got to work looping two balls of string across the backdrop, hooking onto the roofing nails as I zigzagged across. I didn't really have a plan, I simply stood back every now and then and made sure it was evenly distributed throughout. We used roofing nails because they have a larger head with prevents the string from slipping off. Next, I used simple wooden clothespins to hang up all the black and white photos.

For a little variation, I randomly clipped some greenery, fresh rosemary and real pieces of cotton among the photos. It felt very organic and smelled good too!


A lot of brides who came through the show took photos of the backdrop and I really hope that it inspired them to do something similar at their own weddings! I can imagine it done with color photos and pinned flowers instead of greenery. Or no photos at all and only blooms would be so pretty too! I can imagine so many possibilities!

The gorgeous flower arrangements and that amazing eucalyptus garland that draped the mantel, were made by the genius florist, Michael at Prestige Floral. I was seriously obsessed with that garland. We brought it to the show in our car and I could smell it days later!

I'm so obsessed with an abundance of natural greenery and natural wood tones in weddings this year.
What are your favorite wedding trends?

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