Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Target Talk.

The arrival of Target in Canada has been the buzz lately for shoppers. Living in PEI where our shopping choices are limited, it was cause for lots of excitement when it finally opened here a couple of weeks ago. We had two Zellers on PEI and only the one in Charlottetown was chosen to reopen as a Target. Boo for Summerside (who is getting a Giant Tiger :S).

The word I'm hearing is that it's "just another Zellers". I suppose I'm confused as to why anyone would assume anything different? It's just a department store. Regardless, I was of the select few that actually liked Zellers! Lots of people have been asking me what my thoughts are on the new store. I was able to do a quick buzz through one in Halifax and was pleasantly surprised with what I saw, albeit the shelves were quite empty. Goes without saying when something is new and popular and I'm sure they will catch up!

On the weekend, I was able to visit the store in Charlottetown and took some photos with my phone of a few things that caught me eye.

A cluster of these gold and silver candle holders would be beautiful on a Christmas mantel.

I really like the Threshold wood and bronze bar cart that has been the Target ticket item of late, but haven't seen it in stock anywhere yet. You could set up a nice Christmas party drink arrangement on this little table though.

These shimmery pillows would compliment any pillow collection around the holidays. 
Plus, bottle brush trees are my favorite. In gold? Love them.

Here is a great little Secret Santa gift. I love the patterns on the mugs and they could be filled with candy, coffee pods, etc. I would say great teacher gift but I think any teacher would kill me for suggesting they should receive yet another mug. Sorry.. can I say that?

Totally dig these arrow pattern rugs. Especially the black and white one. I just may have a spot for one in my home. Keeping it in mind.

Great prices on these pairs of bar stools and metal chairs. 
Perfect for anyone looking for a touch of industrial in their home.

Love love love these stools from the Nate Berkus line.

I believe at Christmas time, all antlers should be painted gold. 
Not on really animals.. just on things like this adorable serving tray.

I always use my white dishes when hosting because they are so versatile when paring with other dishes. These plates and cups and saucers would be a great modern accompaniment to your Christmas table.

I just may of picked up few of these stockings. I couldn't resist their traditional charm and we've never had stockings before. Can't wait to hang them on my mantel when the reno dust is cleared away! :)

How about you? What are your thoughts on the Canadian Target stores? Happy, disappointed? I am actually really looking forward to the online shopping option. Any word on when that may start?


  1. The Targets here in Ottawa opened in September and were picked clean in a few days. But now they are all stocked up for Christmas you have inspired me to pop in and grab those gold plates and matching cups......lovely.

  2. eek! so much fun stuff, which is why i avoid shopping. i spend money.

  3. the empty shelves are a common problem early on after opening due to a lack of stock they don't like to house stock so this is a common issue when the stores open , it is not picked over as it would appear our local stores are now fully stocked after a few months being open.
    i love Target

  4. I'm glad Target came. It's nice to have an alternative to Walmart (not a fan). The one in Moncton is very similar to Zellers. They kept the same store layout as the old Zellers. With all the red signs, it's easy to forget that it is no longer the old store.

  5. I am a fan! When we lived in the states Target was my "go-to". I'm not really sure what people were expecting, especially those who have been to Target in the states. Clearly not everything can be exactly the same as the ones in the states, especially prices. However, in my opinion it's pretty much the same and I'll be going there quite a bit :)

  6. Over on the west coast, I've found it to be a disappointment. The shelves always seem quite bare and it opened last May. I keep going expecting each time will be the one where they finally have enough stock, but it hasn't happened yet... I've kind of given up on it.

  7. oh my gosh. couldnt imagine life without target :)

  8. Great little overview! I am well overdue for a visit and am dying to make it there before we host our annual open house on Saturday!! Could use a few extra touches

  9. Target's here in Halifax have been too busy for me to brave entering for more than just a few minutes. I'll wait until the crowd dies down after the holidays.

  10. love your finds. just brought home the black and white rug today!

  11. Sooooooo disappointed with the arrival of Target in Toronto! Bare shelves. Crap products. Nothing like what I've experienced at the US stores.

  12. I thought the same thing when people complained about Target! It IS just a department store, haha. It just happens to be one with a slightly better sense of style than most ;) Also - that arrow rug? It WILL live in my office. Plotting and scheming as we speak.

  13. Our Target out west seems to always be half bare! Sadly I don't shop there like I did when I lived in the US, where Target was a weekly stop!

  14. I'm happy to finally have more selection for stores in Halifax...but wish Target had more. More items on the shelves and a few more products. Everything I've found there and purchased, I'm happy with :)

  15. I finally made it to a Target the other week for the first time ever, in Edmonton. Have never been to one in the US. I've heard the criticism about prices in Canadian stores, but I found a number of things that were a good deal and the staff to be exceedingly friendly and helpful, and loved the family dressing room in the men's room (I had a 14yo son trying on dress shirts). I also like the colors and design much better at Target than Walmart -- Target is warm and cheery, while Walmart has always struck me as so grim, cool, and dingy looking. I'd happily pay a bit more for a more pleasant shopping experience.

    And at the till, my husband thought the pair of pants he picked out were on the sale, and the young woman didn't bat an eyelash -- she gave him the benefit of the doubt without going to check or calling a supervisor, and changed the price right there. Amazing.

    In fact, I was so delighted with my experience that the reason news about the Target US security breach made me quite sad for the company. Perhaps I'll pay in cash next time, but there *will* be a next time!


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