Thursday, May 9, 2013

Backyard Transformation - Part 2

I've shared the above photo before. Last summer we constructed a new deck and chose to forgo traditional stairs in favor of a long layered walkway from the lower deck to the upper deck. We loved the streamlined look and call it "the runway". I actually may be my favorite part about the whole project!

What I avoided showing in the photos the best I could, was the ugly walkway leading from the driveway to the back door. (Shocking that a blogger shows only the pretty stuff!?) It's broken, crooked and we hate it! Tossed around the idea of removing it but those pavers are thick! It would have been a big job and while an interlocking stone walkway would have been stunning, we are pretty thrifty and wanted to spend elsewhere.

What we ended up deciding to do is place a similar deck/walkway as we have on the other side - right on top! Steph got to work on it over the weekend and got it all framed.

He was able to get some of the boards on this week but there are still more to finish up. The fence is also getting redone and there will be shrubs planted along the fence line. It's getting there but we are getting several days of rain starting tonight so it may be on hold for a bit. I am so excited to have it all finished!

I love summer projects!


  1. great idea!! love the look of the repetition and love that it happens to be your favorite part. so smart and so beautiful! can't wait to see after pics :)

  2. Just gorgeous Jane - love love love how sleek the existing one is - this is going to make it over the top perfect!!!

  3. What a lovely idea!! I really like how the new walkway ties in with the one you two did last year! Very pretty

  4. Ever since I saw your deck project I've been scheming up a way to do something similar (though on a smaller scale) for our back deck. I looked through your posts and found the stain you used. I'm wondering whether it has become slippery or mossy at all? That's a concern for us, because we live in the PNW.

  5. Awesome! Had to pin this to show my hubby later as we're thinking of doing something like this to connect the deck we have to build this summer to our garage-He wanted to do this, but I wasn't sure what it would look like, but now I might be convinced!

  6. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. You should be maniacally laughing by now.

  7. Beautiful! Hope you link up next week!


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