Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

We had a such fun evening on Saturday night. I generally say I don't like Halloween because of all the stress but once I calm  down, it's actually kinda fun. I wish I had brought my camera to the party so I could share some of the costumes with you. We had a lot of good laughs. Some people are so creative and FUNNY!

Here are a few shots of us before we headed out!

I was Lady Gaga with Diet Coke cans in my hair thanks to my friend Cheryl! 
Steph was LMFAO and did a bit of shuffle-ing throughout the night. 

I forgot to get a shot of our Yummy Mummies with the mustard dots on their eyes but you get the idea. Thanks to Steph's mom who pulled through and helped with these!

I loved our Beaufort pumpkin even though we nearly killed each other in the process. 
It is never as simple as it seems when you start out! 
Yes, I know his nose is terrible but when you overcut, there is no going back.

What do you think? See a resemblance?

Steph gave me a little shot out at the party. Trying to drum up some business:) 

Beaufie didn't want me to leave. Or maybe he didn't recognize his mom with all that makeup on!

We made sure to bring the pumpkin back home so that we would have it for tonight. 
Clearly, it wasn't meant to be, as it rolled off the table within minutes of walking in the door. 

Hope you have a spooky, fun night!


  1. Your costumes are great! The doggie design on your pumpkin looks just like your precious pooch. Glad you had a fun evening!

  2. yall are too funny. Great costumes :)

  3. that pumpkin is awesome, and the two of you are hysterical! aren't you a teacher? don't you think your students would get a kick out of that!

  4. Great work on the pumpkin - I definitely see a resemblance!

  5. You look so great -- I love the blog shout-out on his shirt! :) And your pumpkin carving is awesome!!!

  6. You guys look adorable. I love the pumpkin. Happy Halloween

  7. That pumpkin is seriously amazing! Well done! Love your costumes too.

  8. You two look great. That pumpkin is amazing. I wish I was so talented.

  9. awww poor pumpkin! Love the costumes though - hilarious!

  10. Love the costumes! So fun! Your pumpkin looked great - so cute!

  11. The pumpkin is AMAZING! Perhaps the best one I saw this year.


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