Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Rainy Day Shopping

There is nothing I love more on a rainy day than a trip to a vintage, antique or used furniture store. Especially when there are some goodies. I'll admit, on more than one occasion I've felt I was wasting my time. But usually, I find some rare gem that I find a home for.
Some things aren't lucky enough to come home with me but receive a knowing smile. The smile that says.. I see your beauty. Don't worry. Someone will come for you very soon:)
A trip out yesterday proved somewhat fruitful. I picked up some crystal coasters and plates for storing jewellery. I was inspired by Beau Lifestyle's beautiful display. (If you haven't checked out her blog yet you really must.)

images via beau lifestyle
I forgot to take a picture of my coasters but I also got some crystal dishes
that will hold bracelets and necklaces.

Some pretty plates were purchased to be hung on the wall.

The "tumor". What better than a good conversation piece? 
I don't really know what it is but cool all the same!

And my favorite. A vintage heater to be converted to a light fixture.... for a buck!

Here are some other pieces (the ones that got the smile):

Cute chairs that would be amazing with new upholstery and a coat of glossy paint.

A set of versatile white china trimmed in gold. $40 for the complete set.

More adorable chairs. $50 for the pair. I loved the shape but they were actually kinda mini.

Never underestimate the power of a paintbrush. This dresser has gorgeous lines. 
I envision it a soft pink in a little girl's room since it's not very tall.  A bit like Eleanor's.

I'm digging bamboo pieces lately painted a fun bright color. If I had room in my bathroom, this piece would be mine, painted a fun color and filled with soft white towels!

I dabbled in painting over the winter and discovered I don't have much talent.
If I did this would be the perfect easel.. ah well:)

Beautiful and huge. Someone should really buy this one.

Love the base. Crying for a new shade!

I'm on the hunt for vintage glassware for my bar cart. 
I found a great selection but none that called out to me. (ignore the cheesy commemorative plates!)

I was super bummed that my favorite shop for good bargains, BC Antiques closed up shop early. I had spotted a vintage crystal ice bucket that I've been thinking about since my last visit. Maybe I'll head back over the weekend!


  1. You found some great things! That old heater is going to make an awesome light.

  2. so many fun and cool things! hope you have had a great week!

  3. Are these pieces all from the same shop?? if so, PEI might have a monopoly on great antique finds. LOVE some of the chairs, what fun living-vicariously-through-you shopping!

  4. Hi Jane! So many good finds here. I just picked up a brass lamp that needs a new shade at our resale shop. Hope you're doing well!! abby

  5. What great finds! I need to make a trip over to pei.. I'm from Nova Scotia:)

  6. How cool! I love going to antique shops! They're so many things with charm. Those broaches are so pretty.

  7. How fun! I love "the tumor." Such great imagination and creativity that comes out when looking at such pieces. So cool how you find beauty in them. Thanks for your sweet comment today!

  8. Hi lovely, I wanted to say thank you for liking the jewelry in my glass dishes! I tried to comment before but due to blogger maintanance on friday it was not possible.
    Lovely finds you did thrifting!
    xoxo Chantal
    Beau Lifetyle


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