Thursday, October 15, 2015

Our Cozy Bedroom.

When I bought my house eight years ago, I tackled my bedroom right away. It's not a very big room and has slanted walls and an odd alcove in the middle. My goal was to somehow make it feel bright and spacious. I chose a bright white paint and added a black and white sketch print floral for the headboard wall. I found a vintage headboard and painted it a high gloss black and made some diy black and white ikat dot roman shades.

Years later, I still really like the room. I've changed up the artwork and bedding a few times over but the rest remains mostly unchanged. Lately I'm craving a softer, organic feel to the space. I still love the wallpaper and white walls but the black accents need to go. My taste seems to lean toward a more subdued palette and the black seems harsh to me.

I loved this little dresser but I recently replaced it with something a little taller and with more efficient drawers. Functionality wins over sometimes. I've also sold the black mirror so I'm on the hunt for a new one. Perhaps round this time?

The other dresser was refinished and given to me by my dad. I love having an older piece, especially wood, in each room to lend a bit of character and warmth. I love that it fits perfectly just below the window.

I still adore the gallery wall across from the bed. It's full of personal family photos (our parents and grandparents wedding photos), favorite quotes and some Instagram moments. I move it around all the time so there are lots of tiny nail holes behind those frames.

The shape of the room is definitely odd with the alcove in the middle but its also what gives it charm. It's such a cozy space and although I could do with a little more room around the bed, it does the trick!

*all photos by Stephen Harris Photography
My brothers, sisters and I recently gifted my parents a beautiful headboard for their anniversary and desperately wanted one too. However, I decided I would rather spend money elsewhere and I plan to diy one instead. I'm on the hunt for fabric for new roman shades and I'm leaning toward linen. Tonic Lining has some beautiful options.

Can't wait to share the changes with you all as I go! Stay tuned.


  1. I think it's absolutely beautiful now, and proves size doesn't matter!

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  3. I love how calm and soothing your bedroom used to look. You definitely made the best out of the layout.

  4. So very cosy...the bedroom looks like a safe haven :) I really like the wood tones of your new dresser and think it compliments the space.

  5. So beautifull ,i love it ,"small houses grow tight families " ;)


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