Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How to Paint Furniture & A Reveal.

I finished the little project I was telling you about! We had little cabinet in the dining room that had beautiful lines but the color and painted floral pattern were far from my taste. On the weekend, I got to priming the piece and giving it a couple of coats of Martha Stewart's Plumage paint. Using this color was a bit out of my comfort zone but I must say, I'm really loving it!

I've painted a lot of pieces over the years so here are my painting tips based solely on what I have learned. This project didn't turn out as well as others so I will also share where I think I may have gone wrong. If you aren't interested in painting furniture, fair enough, scroll down to the bottom of the post to see the finished product!

1. A light sanding of the piece. It was a bit glossy and I wanted to get rid of the sheen so that the paint would adhere properly. I like sanding sponges in a medium grain. 
2. I washed it with TSP and rinsed it well with a damp cloth. Let dry.
3. A good coat of tinted latex primer. It may not have been necessary to use tinted with this color but I had it on hand. It doesn't have to be perfect even in tone. Just make sure it isn't too thick and that it's evenly coated. Let dry overnight or at least the drying time listed on your can.

I had the primer out so I figured I might as well do a couple of other pieces I've 
been meaning to do, as well. More on those another day!

4. A good brush and a small foam roller are my tools of choice. I did two thin coats, allowing drying time between each. Brush in all the nooks and crannies, then roll all the flat surfaces blending the brush strokes. Thin coats are key. Three thin coats always wins over two thick goopy ones!

5. Let paint dry completely then apply a couple thin coats of water based Varathane or Minwax Polycrylic with a sponge brush. This will give the piece a protective finish in a satin, semi-gloss or gloss sheen. This give you that extra protection for those well used pieces and makes it oh-so shiny and pretty! If you are looking for a more matte look I would try a wax.

6. Let it dry at least 48 hours before placing anything on the piece. I think this is almost the hardest part or maybe I'm just incredibly impatient!

So what went wrong with my piece? Well, I really wanted a high gloss finish on the cabinet and went ahead and used high-gloss latex paint. When using high-gloss paint, your brush strokes and "orange peel" effect often caused by foam rollers, become more apparent. I was trying to skip step 5 yet achieve the same effect and failed. If I were to to it again, I would use my typical eggshell paint then use a high-gloss poly at the end. Live and learn!

Also, this was the first time I used a latex primer. Although it's messy and smelly, oil base is my primer of choice. Especially if you are painting a wood piece, you really want to seal out those stains and knots. 

Here is the finished piece, imperfections and all.

Such pretty legs.

All styled up.

Have a ever mentioned how much I love my brass birds?

The paint color with soon be changing and I have plans for what will hang over the piece. The white mirror will be moved to the front entry. I love making changes! So fun :)

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Pop of Plumage.

We had a rather nasty storm in the forecast for Friday night into Saturday, which didn't quite materialize. Thank goodness. In any event, I planned for a quiet weekend at home and went ahead with it anyway!

When there is a storm coming, I always buy myself some flowers to brighten up an otherwise miserable day. Here are my flowers on Friday. I love my tulips!

I just finished reading The Great Gatsby so I finally got to put it out on display. Such a pretty book (on top of the pile). Time to by another Modern Classic? Problem is, I have a rule that if I buy them, I have to read them and I really want to get into the Hunger Games. Hmmm. I guess I'll wait. I picked up the shy owl last week at Winners. He's been moving around the house a lot because he looks so cute everywhere!

Saturday, I got to work priming some pieces that have been on the to do list for a while. Today, I painted those pieces. I don't mind painting. In fact, I'll pretty much paint anything if it will make it pretty. However,  I tend to paint everything white. It took me some time to get used to this:

Martha Stewart Plumage. It's bright and dark but I'm loving it! It's all part of my dining room makeover plan. I don't know when we will get a change to get in there and paint the walls but small things are changing, here and there. A splash of teal for instance! 

Here is a little peek for now. I'll be back soon to share the little makeover with you. Promise

Here are my tulips today. After having a chance to open up. So pretty.

Have a great week! I'm off to watch the Oscars!  

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Been Loving Lately.

I'm over at Prairie Perch today, sharing things I've "Been Loving Lately", while she is away on vacation. Lucky girl! Come on over and check it out. While you are there, see what some other fun bloggers have on their lists.

We had a great night in Charlottetown. My mom ended up joining us so it was a bit of girl's night, which was fun! I picked up two gallons of Para's Cashmere paint and two more gallons of Para Paint which I had mixed to match my living room and hallway color (ICI Meeting House). Thanks to Para Paints for generously giving me a gift certificate to try their paint, I got them all for free! Gotta love that!

I scored a couple of white duvets at Winners. Ours were looking a little shabby. I know I said I should go a different direction than white but the price was right and they feel so fresh. I got some for the makeover bedroom as well to see if they work out.

I also scored this rather large, adorable large owl. I kinda love him. He was only $15.. who could resist? Excuse the grainy, shadowy picture. I was excited to take his photo when I got home last night and it was a bit dark in the room:)

Be sure to head over to Prairie Perch!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bedroom Makeover Take 2.

It's makeover time! I have picked away at the guest room and never really finished it. That room is now also a room for Gaby on the weekends so that got the ball rolling to get things going. And of course, it's headed in a completely different direction than at the outset.

I'm heading to Charlottetown this evening with my sister and hope to pick up some paint for the walls. This is what I'm thinking. I've seen the color and really like it but was also sold by the description!

Hard to believe that as much as I love grey, there isn't a grey room in my house! I'm not decided on any particular fabric just yet but Cashmere is a nice neutral and should work with whichever direction I go.

Speaking of fabric. My samples arrived from Tonic Living! Pretty patterns make me giddy:)

I kind of chuckled when I saw Shellilee's nursery photos for the first time. Apparently we have the same taste in fabric. Several of them were used in her room. Great minds think alike! Isn't Baby M's room beautiful? If you missed it, you can check it out here.

Looking forward to getting some shopping done this evening. It seems it's been forever! I'm also getting new paint for the dining room! I've got the big plans.. stay tuned!

Monday, February 20, 2012

A Perfect Nursery.

Remember my friend Shellilee and her amazing trellis wall that had us all in awe? Well, today I'm back to share some more of her diy skills. This time it's a whole room, an adorable nursery for her Baby M, who will soon be making her arrival!

The crib is from Sears and the blanket was made with Flatiron Coral by Tonic Living.

The bookshelves were made by her husband using three pieces of wood and attaching them to the wall. Love how many books she has already. Can you tell Mom is teacher? :)

Love the map of Canada!

My personal favorite thing in the room is the mobile. So sweet. Apparently, it was a tedious job to sew and to hang. Worth it, if you ask me!

The artwork in the room is all free printables, fabric and old cards. 
She made the butterfly print with paint chips and a butterfly punch. The wall color is A Touch of Gray.

The chair and the change table were up-cycled with a fresh coat of white paint by her Dad. 
I love the fabric on the chair and the sweet little pillows. The rug was made using old sheets, which she braided and her Mom sewed together. What a great team!

I was so excited when Shellilee sent me the photos.
I think it's absolutely perfect and need to get over and see it in person. 
Baby M is a lucky little girl!

Thanks Shellilee!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

RIP Zorb.

Yes. It's with great sadness that I tell you that the Zorb pendant took an early exit. I wasn't ready to talk about it just yet. I am seriously heartbroken about it. As in, fighting back tears for the last few days.

Here is the story from the beginning, in case you are just tuning in now. Before Christmas, I took on the task of gluing coffee filters to my Ikea ball in the hopes of creating a beautiful puff ball for my large living room. Realizing how much work it was going to be I gave up early on. Stephane's mom was visiting and took the project on, working at it each day until it was finished.

2600 coffee filters, 100 glue sticks and 30 hours later, it was finished. Just in time to be hung up the same day the tree went up. We nicknamed it the Zorb (we sometimes call his mom Zizi, plus orb makes Zorb). It was love at first sight. I smiled every time I went into the room. It quite possibly became my most cherished home decor possession.

So here is how it went down. We had Stephane's birthday party here on Saturday night. The Zorb made for a great topic of conversation and was admired by everyone. Not only because it was pretty and much bigger than most anticipated but because the amount of work is obvious, when you see it in person.

Not long after the party started, it fell. No rhyme or reason for it. It just fell.. out of the blue. (I mean honestly why did it have to happen with everyone there?) I was busy in the kitchen at the time so I was not there to witness. Stephane took me aside and broke the news. I blinked back tears, then, several times that night and over the next few days.

It doesn't look that bad in this photo but the fall broke all the paper on the inside and it's torn at both ends. I hoped that maybe we could somehow fix it but it doesn't look good. I guess we are back at square one!

such a sad looking photo:(

If I knew for sure it wouldn't happen again, I'd make another in a second. I'd rather not take the chance though. In reality, I think it was just too heavy. My mind is spinning with more DIY lighting ideas!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

e.e. cummings.

In honor of Valentine's Day.. a few lines from my most favorite poet, e.e. cummings.

I love that poem so much that I died when I came across this piece hanging over the back of a couch. So beautiful! You can catch this project along with more amazing things over at Alisa Burke's blog.

Enjoy this day everyone! Appreciate and love everyone you have in your lives:)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Pops of Pink.

I love pink. Especially this week! Here is a collection of images to inspire and make you smile.


Source: via Jane on Pinterest

A few words from an inspiring lady!

Source: via Janelle on Pinterest

Friday, February 10, 2012

Chevron Table.

A while back, I came across this table on Pinterest. Pinned it, of course, and then admired it some more as it kept coming up as others pinned it as well.

Source: via Jane on Pinterest

My question for you is... do you think my guy could make me one? I haven't told him this plan yet but I think it looks relatively simple (?) and I quite adore it. I guess first step would be finding some reclaimed lumber? Also curious to know if anyone knows the original source. My searching turned up nothing. I guess you can tell that I have dining rooms on the brain!

Thanks for all your tips and suggestions for styling my bookcase. I will try to remember each one as I continue to pick away at it!

We have a big birthday party planned here on Saturday night. I'll die if it storms.. what it with the weekend storms this year anyway? FYI.. It isn't supposed to be that way Mother Nature.

I hope you all have a great weekend!